Mission Statement

The Platt Memorial Library will provide services and materials that are conducive to literacy, entertainment, and lifelong learning of Shoreham residents. The form and content of the Library’s collection and the programs it offers will be flexible and responsive to patrons. The library will offer the community a warm and welcoming environment in which to meet, learn and grow together.

Vision Statement

We see ourselves as a community library, focusing on providing a broad array of resources and materials. We aim to provide a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to draw community members together.

  • Board Chair/Friends of the Platt Liaison: Cora Waag
  • Vice President: Laura Siebecker
  • Corresponding Secretary: June Lapidow
  • Recording Secretary: Katie Flagg
  • Treasurer/Financial Liaison: Tanya Scuteri

Board of Trustees meets the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm. These meetings are open to the public.

Current Agenda

Current Agenda

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Platt Memorial Library
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