Take a Class


Platt Memorial Library is pleased to offer access to over 500 continuing education classes through the Department of Libraries and a service called Universal Class.

To sign up:

Access Universal Class online, from any computer.

If you need help with registration, stop by today and the library staff will be happy to assist so you can get started.

Sample Courses Offered:

Interview Skills 101

Medical Terminology 101

Nutrition 101

Photography Basics

Speed Reading 101

Stress Management 101

Wedding Planning 101

Caring for Seniors

Microsoft Office 2007

GED Preparation in a Variety of Subjects

Applied Behavioral Analysis Strategies for Teachers

…And HUNDREDS of other courses on topics like: Teacher tools, Do-It-Yourself, Homeschooling resources, Test Preparation, Medical Billing, Entrepreneurship, Office Skills, Parenting, Home and Garden, Cooking, and Alternative Medicine, among others.

Platt Memorial Library
Monday: 9
– 5
Wednesday: 9 – 5
Thursday: 11 – 7
Saturday: 9 – 1