Caregivers Conference

Platt Memorial Library
The First Annual Caregivers Conference
Supporting Early and Emergent Literacy in our Community

Sunday, January 28th, 2018 1 – 4 pm at
the Platt Memorial Library in Shoreham

Thanks to everyone who attended our 1st Caregivers Conference. It was a great afternoon of learning and fun with great stories. We explored some research about early and emergent literacy and how that process can be supported with storytime and read-alouds. Participants heard a blitz of favorite books for storytime, organized by themes and developmental appropriateness. We also shared many ideas for extending and expanding children’s understanding through activities and crafts. The session ended with a storytime craft to take home. Oh what fun to share our love of storytime and books!

Watch this space for a follow-up event exploring more topics of interest to those who work with young children ages 0-5.

If you’re interested in the scholarly content, have a look at a sampling of slides from Abby’s presentation.

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