Writing Locally- A Local Authors Project

Writing Locally:
A Local Authors Project

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Are you a writer? Do you live in Shoreham or in Addison County? We’re starting a local authors project as a way to highlight local writers and to foster writing in our community. One of the things our local writers have searched for is an audience, so we at the Platt decided to create a venue. Writing Locally is an online publication which is updated as we receive submissions. Submissions can be made to writinglocally@gmail.com .  Writing Locally will be accepting submissions continually on a rolling basis.

What do we publish?

We have a policy to be as inclusive as possible–prose, poetry, journaling, letters, etc. are all fair game. Submissions must be made in electronic format and be free of spelling and grammar errors. If you need help with typing up your writing, please come in and use one of our computers at the library. The librarian reserves the right to refuse to publish any item at any time. The author retains copyright; Platt Memorial Library reserves the right to republish any submission, properly credited, in either print or online format.

Who are we?

Abby Adams, the librarian at the Platt Memorial Library, is spearheading this project. A team of volunteers through the Shoreham Writers Group are also helping with the logistics. For questions, comments, or concerns, please email Abby at writinglocally@gmail.com .

Shoreham Writers Group

If you are interested in improving your writing or working in a collaborative, workshop-type group, please consider participating in the Shoreham Writers Group. This group meets on the first Monday of the month at 4pm at the Platt Memorial Library. This month’s prompt (due at the February meeting) is “Stoking the Fires” or “Red.” Try your hand at some writing in the new year!


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